If I would like to be accepted early and submit an ACT score that's a little on the low end of your acceptance but am taking the ACT at a later date, would you hold it against me during the admission process?

No, we only use your best ACT score that is sent to our office. We encourage students to send multiple scores, but at least one test must include the writing portion.

Hello! I recently submitted my application to be a spartan but I have a question about sending scores. I reported that I took the ACT 3 times and sent only my highest score. (All my sub scores for that test are the highest as well) is that ok? Thanks for your advice! Go green!

You don’t need to send us all three scores. As long as we have one set of scores with the writing component your application will be reviewed for admission. Good luck!

FAQ: Applying to Michigan State

1. I have no idea what my Michigan Unique Identification Code (UIC) is. Does anyone know how to find it?

This is listed on your official transcript for Michigan schools only. If you don’t know your UIC, just leave that field blank on your application and we will fill it in for you once your transcripts arrive.

2. Any suggestions on how to find out what day I started high school, since the enrollment period requires an exact day range?

Just use an approximate date (like September 1, 2011), since the year is the most important part.

3. I don’t know what the subject code and course numbers are for my high school. What should I do?

These fields can be left blank as they only pertain to college courses taken by transfer students.

4. I read that my application serves as the application for all of the scholarships and the Honors College? I assume this is where I should write my heart out?

Yes, your application is used for scholarship and Honors College selection. Quality content is more important than length. Tell us your story and what you’ll bring to MSU to make it a better place. Don’t forget to proofread!

5. It seems that there is unlimited room to describe all of my activities and extracurricular activities. I have a lot of them that are very important. Should I elaborate greatly about each?

Share whatever you think is important and want the counselor reading your application to know. This isn’t the place for an essay, but key lessons or character development can be noted.

6. Employment and Activities - the last section - is vague to me. Is this section for only people that have taken time off after high school?

This is only for students who have taken one or more semesters off school after graduating or completing some college classes. For example, if a student graduated in December from high school and did not take classes at a community college during spring semester, they should list activities they participated in during this time. Summer break is not considered a semester.

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Fall 2015 applications are now open! Start at www.beaspartan.msu.edu

#BeASpartan #spartans2019

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Best Mascots in College Football

We can’t agree more! #gogreen #gowhite Thanks @ashdepree 💚

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On the online application, it says that the application will not be available until late summer/early fall. Is there a specific date or do we need to keep checking back? Thanks!

We don’t have a specific date yet, but our fall 2015 application will release in mid-August. Check our Twitter or Facebook accounts for a better date once we get closer! Go Green!

The 5 Senses of MSU f


There are tons of exciting experiences to be had at MSU, but knowing where to start may be overwhelming. Have you ever thought of letting your five senses lead the way? Keep reading for my guide on where to start, using all five of your senses!



Bells Ringing at Beaumont Tower -…

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Walking the Green Carpet at #MSU. Thanks to @SARAPLOHETSKI #greencarpet #honors

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If we were admitted do we need to send in a final high school transcript? When does this have to be sent in by and can we use a program like Parchment to send it?

YES, you must submit a final high school transcript In order to finalize your enrollment to Michigan State. Please request that your high school counselor forward this document to our office sometime before classes start this fall. 

Additionally, per federal mandate, please ensure that your transcripts include your exact date of graduation

Transcripts may be sent electronically via Docufide or ConnectEDU, United States mail or UPS courier service. No faxed copies of transcripts will be accepted.

Three Important Things To Do Your Last Summer Before College f


The last summer before college is a special one. It’s the last summer you are guaranteed to hang out with your high school friends and really enjoy yourself before you leave home. No, your future summers won’t be boring but once you get to college, your summer experiences are a lot different….

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#MSU2018: Your Pre-College Playlist f


High school graduation is coming soon and you are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime: COLLEGE! While some of you may be excited about the next step, others may get a little sad when thinking about leaving friends to start a new chapter in life.

Don’t worry, music can heal all wounds….

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Sam the Golden Retriever decided to #beaspartan after his campus tour! Aww. #msu #eastlansing #dogsofinstagram

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It’s finally tulip time on campus! Beautiful! #msu #BeASpartan

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The Journey From Orientation To Graduation- Nikki Pawloske f



At orientation, when I was told the next four years of my life would go by in the blink of an eye, I did not believe it. I can remember packing up my parents van with everything I could think of filling my dorm room with. Little did I know that almost half of what I brought either did not…

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